1. Ethical use of photography – With billions of photographs being widely available all over the Internet, it is not uncommon to see not only individuals, but also companies using other people’s work for their own benefit. Also, the images of people living in marginal communities being stereotyped by the unethical use of photography by organisations and individuals out there. At Project Eyes, the control is shifted back into the hands of participants, who are the ones capturing their realities. This enables them to share the authentic stories of themselves and their communities from their own perspective.

  2. Voice – Stories connect us. We believe they must be voiced and shared. This enables individuals to build more meaningful connections with their communities and develop a sense of self-worth.

  3. Trial & Error - We believe that experiential learning and reflection are key ingredients for community growth.

  4. Building Capacity – We are committed to ignite human capacity through using current creative tools in the communities we work with such as photography, video and other forms of visual mediums.

  5. Participation – We value a participatory, culturally respectful and inclusive approach, engaging communities in assessing their own needs and in managing, implementing, and evaluating what we do.

  6. Ability to listen – We believe every community must have a voice and that communication should be a dialogue not a lecture. 

  7. Creativity & Innovation – Essentially, access to knowledge fuels imagination, which is the catalyst for the transformation of information into new ideas. Having access to a safe space for imagination to run freely is central to that.  

  8. Diversity – Our Project is made of people for people from different countries, speaking different languages. This makes us inherently diverse. We believe that the range of human experience is a vital asset, bringing people together and learning from each other to achieve common goals.

  9. Excellence – We are committed to excellence in what we do. Therefore monitoring and evaluating what we do to inform results is a vital part of our work, ensuring quality and contributing towards our goals.

  10. Integrity – We are accountable to our stakeholders and funders, and adhere to strict fiscal policies and practices.  We are committed to maintaining and fostering humanitarian standards in an open, fair and ethical manner.

  11. Joy & Celebration –  We believe that a sense of fun and irreverence makes us better humans and better at what we do. This help us to bring delight to the communities we work with. Community screenings and photographic exhibitions are moments of celebration, reflection and inspiration.

  12. Neutrality – We value the principle of neutrality and believe compassionate work must never exploit people’s vulnerabilities or be used to further any political or religious creed.

  13. Togetherness – We are dedicated to forging togetherness through building partnerships with business, nongovernmental and community-based organisations and other stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome for the communities we work with.

  14. The power of visual mediums – We believe in the wonderful magic of visual mediums to tell a story. For us, mediums such as photography and video serve as tools to unlock creativity, enabling communities to express themselves and to create something they are proud off. It also enables them to take the role of protagonists by sharing their stories from their own perspective.

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