Jardim Gramacho,

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Our creative educational programme has been implemented successfully at Jardim Gramacho, from 3rd to 11th November 2018. 

As part of our sustainable approach, we have donated seven cameras to enable the community to continue the project. We will also provide on going support and organise a second visit in 2019. If you know any venues or events that would be interested in hosting an exhibition please contact us. 

Located on the outskirts of the marvellous city of Rio de Janeiro, which breathes samba and joy, Jardim Gramacho is one of the world’s greatest ecological and social wounds. Known worldwide through the lenses of international artist Vik Muniz (Waste Land, 2010) and Stephen Daldry’s latest film, (Trash, 2015), Gramacho's landfill sites were closed to the public in 2012. However, more than 1,000 families of former waste pickers (catadores), including their children, still live in the area. They have no water, sanitation, and proper housing. Click here to learn more about the community.

The need on the ground is great, but even greater are the dreams and hopes of the people who makes Gramacho a place of survival. We must carry on supporting the children who live there. 

Thank you!

Below are some of the best shot made by the children who participated in the project. Some of these photos will go on sale here soon. 

Meet the young photographers

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