Recife, Brazil

Eyes of the Street one-month long photography immersion program in Recife, northeast of Brazil, was a total blast! The program run from May to June, 2016. 4000 images have been produced by the children and you can view some of them at the bottom of the page.


The cameras have been donated to the local partner organisation, Pé no Chão (Foot on the Ground), where workshops took place. The donation will allow Pé no Chão to continue the project and the children to access the equipment whenever they need. Pé no Chão is a grassroots NGO that has been using dance, music, and theatre to empower vulnerable youngsters for 24 years in the outskirts of Recife. They are strategically located between the communities of Arruda and Santo Amaro, where the children live.

To date, the project has:

  • Been part of eight photo exhibitions in Brazil​

  • One exhibition at the Embassy of Brazil in London

  • The video of the project was also shown at the Embassy of Brazil in London for 15 days

  • The project was presented at ALAS Summit in 2016 (Latin-America Association of Sociology) Uruguai.

The Exhibition

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