Boom Festival 2018, Portugal

The essence of creation is beyond culture. It is a sacred language expressed by the universe. The structure of number, geometry, and harmony is reflected in all of creation. It is the great mystery of matter and pattern. The 5 “Platonic Solids” are the only regularly occurring structures in nature. They are present from the structure of the atom to the spiralling galaxies; from the geometry of flowers to the anatomy of the human ear.

During the workshops, we drew with compass and ruler. We built an icosahedron. We saw how the dynamic form of the spiral expresses energy and form, and the significance of the Golden Ratio (Phi) and other transcendental numbers. In doing so we attempted to deepen our understanding of how connected we are. We then brought observation to our learning experience through photography. Participants were given cameras to photograph the Sacred Geometry all around them. Watch the video to learn more or visit Boom Festival website to see our profile.

The Pictures

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