Our sustainable photography programme is coming to Aparecida De Goiânia - Brazil

Terra do Sol Community (Land of the Sun)

Why Land of the Sun Community?



















Land of the Sun Community is located in the heart of Brazil, 200kms from Brasilia, the country's capital. 470 families live in the community, which is not even classified as an urban area by the local authorities. This means the families who live there have no access to reliable water, sanitation, proper streets, housing, and waste collection. In fact, this community used to be a landfill and majority of the families still work as waste pickers. Majority of households count on donations for survival, besides the solidarity between neighbours. The majority of the families in the local, live in houses like the one above, made of plywood, cardboard, metal and whatever material they can find.  Also in need of immediate attention, is the lack of vocational opportunities for the children to develop their skills to be able to enter the job market when time comes so they don't become waste pickers or fall into crime.

Francisca's story



Francisca Barbosa da Silva, 38, is a waste collector and has maintained an association within the community for over a decade to help support the local 470 families. We were impressed with Francisca's story, that's why we decided to bring the project to the community to help her. She and her husband earn the Brazilian minimum wage ($ 265.92 - £ 206.41) each month working as waste collectors for the local authorities. With their combined income, they look after 10 children, aged between 1 and 22, of whom five still live with them. However, Francisca still finds time and means to help her community, and decided to help hundreds of families. Not liking to talk about herself or the work she does, Francisca makes a point of always reinforcing that the union of the residents, one helping the other, is what makes the difference. In every street that she passes, in every house she enters, someone greets her and thank for the help she has given on something: "If food donations arrive and you have 20 families in need, we'll open the bags and distribute them according to the needs of each family," she says.

How we will help Francisca and her community, Terra do Sol:

WHAT? One week creative program, that will be locally sustainable, to build the skills and ignite the creativity of the children, through using photography as a tool of voice & advocacy and by equipping the community with sustainable values.

WHEN?  From 18th -23rd of February 2019.


WHO?  Together with local community leaders, 12 children from 8 to 16 years old, will participate.


HOW?  The children will attend photography workshops designed to voice community issues and potential. 


ACTIVITIES:  The children will be given cameras and then learn photography to capture their realities firsthand. They will be offered a space to reimagine a different future for their community. There will be two talks given by professionals in the area of sustainability and interpersonal communications. 

PROJECT LEGACY:  All cameras, resources, methodology and training will be donated to the community to keep so they can continue the project locally. They will also receive on going support from our network. Also, we will help build a community center where the children will be able to carry on learning and more vocational programs will happen.


THE EXHIBITION:  The images taken by the participants will be shown at an exhibition in the biggest shopping center of the city on the 23rd February. The photos will also be exhibited in London and be available to shows, educational events and further opportunities.


We want to promote dignity, build capacity and ignite the creativity of the children who live at Terra do Sol while channelling resources to the community.




Everyone who donates will receive a free print of one of the pictures made by the children. To claim your print, please email giselle@eyesofthestreet.org

Thank you!

We are an independent project, without governmental support. We welcome partnerships, collaborations, and

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To contact us directly please email giselle@eyesofthestreet.org. 


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