Terra do Sol, Aparecia de Goiânia - Brazil

Every year we create 2.1 billion tons of waste. Waste transcends social class, culture, creed, and political views. The most affected areas by the mass production of waste are economically disadvantaged communities. These places have no infrastructure to deal with their waste and, more often than not, waste from other places are deposited there. We run workshops of photography during one week and asked thirteen adolescents from the age of 11 to 17 to document how their community is repurposing what the world is throwing away in order to survive because from the point of view of the planet there is no "away".

The Land of the Sun Community (Terra do Sol) is located in the centre of Brazil, in Aparecida de Goiania, just by the towns wasteland. Home to over 400 families, who live mainly from the collection of recycling material, they have no sanitation, running water, paved streets, adequate electricity or internet.

'How marginal communities are repurposing waste to solve problems'  highlights the affectionate and authentic perspectives of 13 young photographers, portraying how their community is repurposing what the world is throwing away in order to solve problems. Also, how aware they are of not being defined by external stereotypes, more often than not, reinforced by outsiders taking photos about their situation. We so often have a preconceived idea about what these individuals need. But no one better than themselves to voice their challenges and share their own stories.

23 images have been selected to compose the exhibition: 

How marginalised communities are repurposing waste to survive

Meet the young change makers and photographers:

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