About us

Eyes of the Street's vision is for a world made of peaceful, thriving and sustainable communities.


Our mission is to give voice, build skills, allocate resources and encourage creative expression in marginalised communities.

We do this by offering creative workshops of photography, film, and other storytelling tools. These skills enable individuals to express themselves, see their communities from a different perspective, realise their potential, develop community identity and become change makers.


Our methodology

We use creative tools such as photography to encourage participation and community building. Participants take part in workshops and are given cameras to document their environment.


At the workshops, the images they make become catalysts of dialogues, often about their communities and life aspirations. 


This process is designed to engage their creative energy, strengthen their self-esteem, and sense of belonging.  They also learn technical skills on how to use the camera, light, composition, framing, and storytelling.  

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